Tails: I believe there are too many

The idea that there is an overpopulation of dogs is controversial.  There are actually people, whom I respect, who say there isn’t an overpopulation of dogs.  They say that if we could just find the right marketing techniques and educate the public better, all the shelter dogs would find a home.

Perhaps, that is true.

I am extremely passionate about two areas of animal welfare: puppy-mills and municipal shelters.  Having spent a lot of time studying them and immersed in their horrors, I, personally, believe that there is an overpopulation problem.  I think that if we stopped the mass breeding of dogs COMPLETELY, ALL of the dogs in city shelters WOULD be adopted.

I believe we need to limit people’s choices of dogs.  I realize that sounds unAmerican.  Like I am taking away a civil liberty, but the masses have demonstrated that they don’t know any better.  People continue to pass up the matted, scared Shih Tzu in the shelter for $80 and go purchase the same exact dog in a pet store for $1200.  They overlook the yellow lab bouncing in it’s shelter run for $65 and buy one from a breeder for $800, only to realize a few months later that their dog is now bouncing in it’s run at home.  They don’t even consider a mixed breed at the shelter only to go on-line and buy a “Shi-poo” for $1500.

I also believe that if we limited the number of dogs bred in our country, the Pitbulls and Pit mixes would stand a better chance of adoption.  If people had less to choose from, Pits would become more appealing.  And, if we spent less time dealing with an overpopulation of dogs, we could spend more time working on educating people on the breed.  Pitbulls have to be the most misunderstood breed of the century.

The truth is, if I were President, there would be a moratorium on breeding.

The 3 dogs pictured above are my dogs.  The tan dog, Jack, was saved by my rescue.  He was going to be euthanized at the city shelter because he had been hit by a car and no one wanted him.  The Shih Tzu and the Chinese Crested I bought at an Amish dog auction.  No one wanted them.  They spent their lives in boxes.  No one even knew they existed.

Yesterday, I posted their post-grooming pictures on Facebook.  Lots of people commented on what beautiful dogs they were.  How cute they were.  How lucky I was.

My dogs are all throw-away dogs.  Yet, now that they are living in a loving home and getting proper care, people think they are “special” that they are “worthy.”

My dogs are the very dogs people pass over at the shelter, yet go on-line or to pet stores to buy.  Dogs like mine come by the thousands to city shelters across the states.  Dogs like mine  are killed every day, simply because there aren’t enough homes to place them in.

Maybe it is about education and marketing, but the reality continues to stare me in the face.  There are too many dogs for people to choose from and that means there are way too many good dogs being killed in shelters.  Let’s stop the breeding until ALL dogs have a home.

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